Single Crystal Bling Hoops. Available in gold & silver 3inch.
Skull Coil bangle Available Colors: Gold 1 inch wide 2 5/8 inch dia opening Metal, gold, skulls
Small Bling Around Hoops. 2.5 inches available in gold & silver.
Smiling Money Bracelet Available Colors: Gold w/ Clear Stones Silver w/ Clear Stones-sold out Stretchable
Need a pop of flyness? The Statement body chain is it. 2 adjustable clasps and plenty of FAB! Available in...
Stone Band Ring
$ 24.99
Stone Band Ring Available Colors: Gold A square shaped ring with rounded edges and cubic zirconia accents. Made of high...
Super Long Bling Earrings. 6inches long available in gold & silver.
Tear Bambo Earrings. Available in Gold & Rose Gold Earrings o-3.5inches.
The Drip Shades
$ 49.50
The Drip Shades. Oversized available in green, yellow, pink & orange.
The Gold Twist Bracelet Available Colors: Gold Lead & Nickel Free Heavy Metal Hinge Closure
Tiger Head Ring
$ 32.99
Tiger Head Ring Available Colors: Silver/Black & Clear 1inch wide Stretchable
Triangle Bambo's. Available in gold & rose gold 3.5 inches in length.

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