CR Clear Point Heels. Cute 3 inch heel with clear straps. Shoe runs true to size. Available in silver and...
CR Clear Pumps
$ 79.50
CR Clear Pump. Clear top pump with nude back and nude inside. 3 inch heel.
CR Iro & Clear Heels. 3 inch chunky clear heel, runs true to size, clear ankle strap  with side buckle...
CR Rainbow Maxi Sneaker. Available in 2 colors Red & Pink
CR Side Broach Heels. Run true to size, 3 inch heel, clear straps with silver broach ankle design.
CR Snake Boots
$ 124.50
CR Snake Boots. Thigh high boots run true to size, 3 inch heel.
CR Snakeskin Stack Crocs. Super cute stack crocs run true to size.
Crush Crochet Heels, 2.75 inch heel. bottom grips on ball of foot. Runs true to size.
Easy Slides
$ 59.50
Easy Slides. Super cute and comfortable slides available in 3 colors Black, Beige & Light Olive.
Stomp Da Yard Boots. Side zipper opening, runs true to size comes with 2 pouch design.
Stomp It Out Boots: Boots have great stretch, comes with 2 detachable side pouches on each side  Boots run a...

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