Gold X Shades
$ 49.50
Gold X Shades. Oversized with front X design available in Black tint, Brown tint & Multi tint. 100% UV Protection....
Pearl Frame Glasses. Oversized available in black with clear tint, Clear with clear tint and Tortoise with brown tint.
Reflector Shades 100% UV protection available colors, Orange, Silver, Green
The Curve Me Shades. Oversized available in 2 colors Black & Brown & All Black.100% UV Protection
The Drip Shades
$ 49.50
The Drip Shades. Oversized available in green, yellow, pink & orange.
The G Shades
$ 49.50
The G Shades. Oversized available in 2 colors Black & tortoise blue bottom.
Tinted Butterfly Shades 100% UV protection. Oversized. Same design & shape of Butterfly Glasses with a tinted lens.

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