Bambo Hoops 2
$ 26.50
Bambo Hoops 2. 3inch hoops available in Gold & Rose Gold.
Big Bamboo Hoops. Available in Gold, Rose Gold & Silver. Hoop size 4inches these Bambo Hoops are larger than the...
Big Bling Triangle Earrings. 3.5 inches long lead compliant. Available in gold.
Big Design Bamboo Earrings. 3.5 inches available in Gold and Rose Gold
Big Pearl Hoops
$ 34.50
Big Pearl Hoops. 4 inch oversized hoops with pearl design. Available in Gold & Silver.
Big Single Bling Crystal Hoops. 4 inches. Available In gold and silver. Lead compliant.
Big V Bambo Earrings. 3.5 inches available in Gold & Rose Gold.
Bling Around Hoops. 4inches stones go all the way around the earrings, lever closure. Costume jewelry. Available In gold.
Bling Key Earrings. Available in Gold & Silver. 3inches in length.
Bling Love Key Earrings. Available in gold, 3inches matches the Bling love key necklace.     
Bling Square Key Earrings. 3 inches long available in gold & silver.
Clear Dangle Earrings.

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