Aza Sexy & Slim Bootie. Side zipper opening, 3 inch heel, pointy peep toe design. Runs true to size.
Bling Netted Pump. Stretchy material with bling design, Pointy toe, 3 inch heel, runs true to size.(BLING IS MULTI COLORED)...
CR Iro Max
$ 89.50
CR Iro Max. Sneaker runs true to size.
CR Rainbow Sneaker. Runs true to size!
CR She Drippin Bling Boots. Thigh high boots, non-stretch, 3 inch heel, boot runsĀ a little small. Full blinging boots with...
CR Snake Boots
$ 124.50
CR Snake Boots. Thigh high boots run true to size, 3 inch heel.
CR Straight Blinging Sandal. Clear chunky 3.5 inch heel with blinging toe straps. Shoes run true to size! Super cute...
LA Clear Flower Back Heels. Runs true to size 3.5 inch heel, back clear flower design with clear toe and...
Neon Killa Pumps. 3inch heel, shoe fits true to size, gold heel design.
Spike It Bootie
$ 99.50
Spike It Bootie. Runs true to size.

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